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Our affordable natural SEO SERVICES are what your small business needs to be found on the web. It’s the perfect start to growing your small business and increasing profits. Millions compete online for the top 10-20 listings on every major search engine. But, without expert optimization of your website, how will potential clients ever find you?

We are Absolute Placement Today, Inc. By “absolute” we mean real, visible increases in traffic. By “placement” we mean NATURAL (a.k.a. organic) and by “SEO” we mean Search Engine Optimization. But, trying to find an SEO firm offering affordable natural search engine optimization service is hard to find. Why? Because most SEO companies OVER promise and UNDER deliver. But, we’re different. We’re a small town firm, getting BIG results. We are absolutely positive we can increase your popularity on the web.

Absolute Placement Today, inc. is the SEO small business specialist you’ve been looking for, so now that you have found us, let’s talk SEO. Call 972. 382. 3241 today for a FREE consultation to discover all that we offer and how you can benefit by talking to an SEO specialist.

Natural Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science, but does take time, a plan and the proper tools in place to get you strong search engine placement. Only Natural Search Engine Placement Services will get you on page one with organic placement.

Natural and Organic Search engine traffic has shown to produce a much higher conversion rate from your site traffic. What this means to your business is that your site is delivering buying customers more often. Your site is now an investment not an expense.

As the spiders of Google, Yahoo, MSN or others crawl the web they are looking for the common thread to each subject. The better you tell your story “front page and behind the page” the more the search engines think you’re the center of the web for your niche or subject. The closer to the center of the web your site is the more links and the higher the placement.

Pay Per Click – Why and Why Not?

Pay per click and or Google Ad words is great for the search engines “they make millions each day”. Pay Per Click is both costly and risky yet is only about 25% of one market. For example, if you sign into Pay Per Click with Google your add will only show on Google related searches. With Natural Search Engine Optimization your site is found under all the search engine “Markets” your site is submitted to or crawled by. As with most advertisements found on the internet you never really know what you’re going to open. Statistics show that more than 70% of all searches on the internet look to the natural placement first with more Google users than any other search engine. Clearly being on page one on Google is the place to be.

We have proven results in getting our clients up to the top!

Thank you for considering Absolute as your affordable SEO company. I know you have several options in SEO Services for your website placement and hope you let us earn your business. I promise to be part of your project and to treat it as if it were my own. After all, "IT IS". Though Absolute does reserve the right to decline your website project, we look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Bates | President | Google+