Google Payday Loan 3.0 Algo Update
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Google Payday Loan Algo 3.0 Update

Posted on June 14th, 2014 by | Google+

The Spam Has Hit the Fan

Here comes Payday Loan Algo Update 3.0

Google’s Matt Cutts announced via Twitter on the night of Friday, June 12, that Google was in the process of rolling out Payday Loan Algorithm 3.0, which is an update meant to go after “very spammy queries,” according to Cutts.

The Payday Loan Algorithm intends to eliminate the appearance of spam and other poor quality content sites that tend to pop up frequently in search queries, or sites that are unrelated to a particular search query, such as sites featuring or advertising:

  • payday loans
  • pornography
  • male enhancement
  • accident claims
  • insurance
  • casinos
  • other similar sites

The Third Generation

Payday Loan Algorithm 3.0 is the third version of the algorithm that Google has launched in the last year. It is not related to two other major Google algorithms that target spam, Penguin and Panda.

Cutts announced the Payday Loan Algorithm update was in the works in early May 2013, and the first version rolled out a little over a month later on June 11, 2013. Cutts said this first version of the Payday Loan Algorithm affected about 0.3 percent of search queries in the US, but that percentage was much higher in other nations – for example, up to 4.0 percent in countries such as Turkey, which has a much higher spam rate than the US.

Didn’t Google Just Launch Version 2.0?

Yes, they did. The second version of Payday Loan Algorithm, titled 2.0, was launched just a few weeks ago on May 18, or about 11 months after the first version became available. Version 2.0 affected about 0.2 percent of queries in the US, again with a much higher percentage in countries that typically experience more spam than the US. Cutts explained that the difference between version 3.0 and version 2.0 is in the signal each one targets: 3.0 goes after “spammy queries” whereas 2.0 targets “spammy sites.” He has not offered any further details as to what the difference is between a spammy site and a spammy query.

There are no statistics available yet for the percentage of queries affected by Payday Loan Algorithm 3.0.

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Google is pushing out at least THREE updates right now and will continue for at least the next 90 days before they change it up, yet again with another ” COOL NAME’ Algo update like Panda or Penguin….

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